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Traffic is Hard Enough

The productive citizen finds necessity in the purchase of a vehicle. Whether it is new or used, it is their primary means of transportation in most cities. If you really think about it, the same rubber tires, glass windshield and metal or fiberglass body is being sold to the masses in it’s many different shapes sizes and colors. The commercials and car dealers play on your feelings of self-worth based on the shape of he material that you feel fits you best. You want to look good, but for whom? We say for ourselves but 99% of our point of view is from inside the vehicle.

Cars, SUVs and trucks are made according to the regulations and norms in which the are categorized, nothing more. We find ourselves talking about the performance, look and feel of a vehicle but when it really comes down to it vehicle you buy only needs to be able to drive up to 70 mph, protect from the weather and not leak fluids or emissions visibly harmful. Yet, racing to red lights is something like a sport without prizes where one takes pride in their purchase (or driving ability) at the expense of their own life or others on the road. With no one set a finish line two or more cars can be seen bobbing and weaving through traffic as though these to cars of people know one another and agreed to endanger their lives today.